European Funds

Docs4You utilizes a broad range of innovative measures that enable businesses to digitize documents, organize them in a smart and accessible way, and create new documents and fill them with content using a variety of templates. The application gives users access to their own mobile document repository and allows them to revamp their electronic document management policies. Implementation of OCR and ICR technologies allows users to turn any sort of document into an editable file that can later be saved and stored or used to fill another document with content. Thanks to augmented reality and advanced search capabilities, the users can easily locate the information they need without dedicating precious time to rifling through stacks of paper.

The development of this project was supported by funding from the European Union’s Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Measure 8.1. The company received 490,000.00 PLN (117,162.21 EUR), with the total net value of the project estimated at 700,000.00 PLN (167,376.02 EUR) (EBI nr 52/2013).